Rising Scented Squishy Toy

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    Style:Jumbo Smore & Regular Smore

    Top Sweet Scented Jumbo Slow-Rising Squishes
    Squish away for hours and have endless fun with your new squishy that is sweetly scented!
    Squishies are a stress relief toy that’s good for relieving stress, fidgeting, ocd, adhd toys, and for just simply having a good time. They are perfect sensory toys for autistic children.

    Fun for all ages, anywhere
    Take your squishy wherever you go by simply compressing it and putting it in your pocket, book-bag, or purse!
    From children to adults, this squishy is sure to please all kinds and types of fidgeters and those that like to hold things. Perfect party favors for kids or as gifts and/or decoration.

    Choose from a variety of squishies
    We have several types of squishys for kids including some bundles that you can choose from. You can choose a giant squishy or jumbo squishies, squishies for girls and boys alike.
    Hurry! Pick your favorite squishy today and BUY NOW before someone else does!


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